How Did All of This Start?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way…

Not really!

As a family, we’ve been embarking on a journey to resolve all kinds of auto-immune issues that have been lurking and irritating us for years, and not really responding to much. Last year we began following a vague, and not really focused, eating strategy aligning to the Paleo theme, with a little bit of Tim Noakes thrown in for good measure. The fact that it would help me get down to a more acceptable cycling weight, of course had no effect on my enthusiasm.

As is often the case, it’s much easier to outsource a lot of the work, and we started using Mark Sisson’s Primal diet plan, which was really great as it took lots of the guess work out of it. For anyone who has a job, and needs a bit of help and guidance, it’s awesome, and really points you in the right direction. Another great source is The Paleo Mom and their pod cast The Paleo View which talks about a lot of things Paleo and auto-immune related.

Coming out of this was a strong push towards free range, grass fed, organic meat (be it red meat, chicken or fish), and the amount of difference between this and the run-of-the-mill high volume products (also check out The Bulletproof Exec for some way out views and information, lots of it great).

Next challenge, where (in South Africa) to get the stuff. After much foot-work (Google-style), we came down to the Braeside Butchery in Parkhurst, about 2km away from us, which supplied grass fed beef, and other high quality meat products (also a bit of advice on bacon making).


Getting there…….

Since bacon seems to be a critical part of the Paleo diet, it seemed logical to see if they had bacon which met the criteria, which indeed they did, and it tasted awesome! Not at all like the normal store bought bacon. It gets a bit grey at this point, but listening to one of The Paleo View pod casts, we came across reference to making bacon. We bought Stacy Toth’s book, Beyond Bacon which covered a whole bunch of recipes and discussion about pork (to be honest, some quite scary).

The other part of the picture was Youtube, of course, where I came across a dude showing how to make bacon, which looked cool, and therefore had to be tried!

So Bacon # 1 was made, according to the above-mentioned Youtube video. And it was rather good! Not at all like the normal store-bought bacon. This was shortly followed by Pancetta (a la Beyond Bacon), which was also good.

And so it all started!

PS. I now, after a few months of eating right, have to lug 12kg less up hills!

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