The Great Nitrate Debate….

Fantastic article on one of the long-standing debates, thanks to Richard

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One of the questions I get asked most often is wether or not I use nitrates in the curing of my meats. It is a very controversial subject and I will try to put as many facts together in this post so you can decide for yourself. One gentleman who shall remain nameless decided to debate the issue with me on a Sunday night via SMS and he clearly was far more interested in fighting than listening which might be due to the fact that he had no facts to back up his statements. He would not reveal his identity but I managed to track him down , posted some articles of interest and since then he has gone quiet.

What is it and why do we use it…….

Centuries ago the preservation of meat was found to be improved with the addition of saltpetre (potassium nitrate). This most likely…

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A tale of two sausages

After years and years of trying to find pork sausages we like, by sheer coincidence, while obsessing about bacon (and buying and reading books about it), I came across an interesting chapter with a very understated title: “Sausage: The power and the glory: animal fat, salt and the pig come together in one of the oldest, divine-yet-humble culinary creations known to mankind”. I challenge anyone to pick up a book with a chapter titled like that and not feel inspired to do something about it.

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