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A tale of two sausages

After years and years of trying to find pork sausages we like, by sheer coincidence, while obsessing about bacon (and buying and reading books about it), I came across an interesting chapter with a very understated title: “Sausage: The power and the glory: animal fat, salt and the pig come together in one of the oldest, divine-yet-humble culinary creations known to mankind”. I challenge anyone to pick up a book with a chapter titled like that and not feel inspired to do something about it.

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The Computer Room

One of the things I wanted to make was Pancetta. As you may know, this is an Italian form of bacon. It is a savory bacon – cured with spices, and usually rolled and hung in a cool dark place for a week or two – not smoked like normal bacon. You can also dry it flat, wrapped in cheese cloth, which is a bit faster.

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Put to Work on the Weekend

So the plan for the weekend was to top up on the bacon supplies, as I’ll be away week after next in India, making it a bit tricky.

Also thought we’d give fresh sausages a go, do a slow cooked brisket in the egg,  and since we were buying brisket, may as well make a batch of corned beef. Then again, while we have lots of pork belly (for the bacon), and pork shoulder (for the sausage), I thought I’d give pork confit a go. Two versions.

Saturday afternoon, the outside fridge looks sort of like this!

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How Did All of This Start?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way…

Not really!

As a family, we’ve been embarking on a journey to resolve all kinds of auto-immune issues that have been lurking and irritating us for years, and not really responding to much. Last year we began following a vague, and not really focused, eating strategy aligning to the Paleo theme, with a little bit of Tim Noakes thrown in for good measure. The fact that it would help me get down to a more acceptable cycling weight, of course had no effect on my enthusiasm.

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